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  • Kirsten Ehhalt

Kirsten Ehhalt-Vusec
Goldschmiedemeisterin since 1995

Following her apprenticeship and service as a journeyman with the Treusch jewellers in the Europäischen Hof in her home town of Heidelberg, Germany, Kirsten Ehhalt-Vusec achieved her master craftsman’s certificate in the goldsmith trade in Kaiserslautern in 1994. In summer of the same year, she opened her first studio in the Heidelberg-Neuenheim district, which became the CROTALIA goldsmith’s studio in 1996. The master goldsmith and entrepreneur was the managing director of this venture until spring 2011.

Kirsten’s designs and works have been published in numerous art and design books as well as in well-known magazines such as VOGUE, MADAME and INSTYLE.

With her master studio in the Europäischer Hof in Heidelberg, which opened its doors in summer 2011, Kirsten Ehhalt-Vusec is following a different path back to her roots.